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Planning Onion

Break the planning in many levels of detailment and duration is a good strategy to accomplish a planning more assertive and agile. See how planning in many levels with the Onion concept.

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Blog FabioCruz.com

The Lessons

Such as lessons learned currently is highlighted, but is it lesson identified or learned? Does Every lesson is learned? but after all what is lesson learned?

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PM4Agile Consultancy

Be more Agile

The main concept of the agility is disposal of waste and search for perform the work just once. The greatest challenge to gain this results is not in our customers, products, structure or methodologies, but is within ourselves.

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Workshop PM4Plane


This way of united enables the creation of environment where is possible have highly agile teams without leave PMBOK Guide and keep a efficient monitoring and controlling without losing the Scrum agility.

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PM4 Trainings

With the principle to take a project management to any people, in anywhere and anytime, the FabioCruz.com offers a PM4N services package with trainings and workshops to road at your town or company. Don´t waste your time and learn with us ...

Expert Consultancy

Make right is not easy, even knowing WHAT should to do, sometimes we don´t know HOW to do. Therefore, FabioCruz.com offers an expert consultancy to help your company make better. See how you can get our advice or support ...

Blog about PM

Contributing to best practices in project management, FabioCruz.com also is a blog filled with the tips and contents to maximize the success of your projects using PMBOK, Scrum or PRINCE2, with mixing all or singly. Visit and blog with us ...

The best practices in project management that we apply

  • The best pratices of PMBOK® Guide
    The best pratices of PMBOK® Guide

    The PMBOK® Guide is a manual of the good practices applies to project management, and is maintained of Project Management Institute – PMI®. PMBOK is a abbreviation of...

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  • The agility of Scrum Framework
    The agility of Scrum Framework

    The Scrum is a framework to agile project management, and although many used in software development, can be used to plan, manage and development of any product, specially...

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  • Union of Scrum + PMBOK
    Union of Scrum + PMBOK

    The “Scrum and PMBOK united of project management” book, that the original title in portuguese is “Scrum e PMBOK unidos no gerenciamento de projetos” was a great release...

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  • The PRINCE2 management method
    The PRINCE2 management method

    The PRINCE2 is abbreviation to PRoject IN a Controlled Environment, and is a method of structured project management based on experience gain with thousand of projects. Is adaptable any...

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